Reason Why That North Will Re-elect GEJ !

On why reason that north will re-elect Jonathan

On why the Arewa Initiative endorsed President
Jonathan, he said: ‘’All the people saying Jonathan doesn’t have support in the north are not been fair to northerners. Most of you reside in Lagos and so you only read these from the papers. As we know, the APC are more in the papers than they are on ground. Go to the North and meet the average northerner on the streets to know their pulse about Jonathan. If you want to know whether Jonathan is actually on ground, go to the different northern states to do some personal assessments, not by reading newspapers. Go to the various states and see that Jonathan has the support of the people. In every northern state, there is no where he hasn’t contributed to the development of the state. So, what is the reason to say northerners don’t like Jonathan?’’

The Co-ordinator of the AIPCN, Alhaji Musa Saidu shared Bafarawa’s views and listed the series of projects that president has done in the North as the reason northerners will stand with him at the March 28 presidential polls. Saidu said: ‘’If we say that northerners are happy with President Goodluck Jonathan, we are merely stating the obvious. We are happy that he has done for the North much more than any other president has done. From our findings, he has even executed for the North many more projects than he has done for his people in the South, especially the South-South. This is why we are mobilising our people across all parts of the North and all northerners resident in all parts of the South, to ensure that he secures a second term.

‘’The list of his achievements for the North looks endless. For instance, in education, the once abandoned Almajiri boys can now go to school as President Jonathan initiated and established the Almajiri System of Education, the first of its kind, with over 150 special schools already built across the northern states, while others are nearing completion. ‘’Also, out of the 12 new universities established by President Jonathan, nine are located in the northern states thereby ensuring that all states of the region have a federal university. This is in addition to establishment of new secondary schools and training of teachers for better quality education in the North.


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