Intresting!!! Zahra Buahri Re-open Her Twitter Account.

Zahra Buhari is back on a new Twitter handle @Zahra_Buhariand from her tweets, she revealed that contrary to what everyone thought about her former Twitter account that she deactivated it, she made it known that the Peoples Democratic Party got her account hacked! While accusing
PDP of hacking into her Twitter account, she also made reference to the First Lady’s infamous “There is God ooo” speech, and more…. Read her tweets below: The PDP had someone hack into my twitter account to post a grammatical blunder. This is so uncalled-for.— Miss Zahra (APC) (@Zahra_Buhari) January 27, 2015 Be open, and the truth follows. — Miss Zahra (APC) (@Zahra_Buhari) January 27, 2015 Even if I tweet a grammatical blunder but I didn’t say “There is God oooo” like our First Lady did on National TV. — Miss Zahra (APC) (@Zahra_Buhari) January 27, 2015 Please, when does being a GOOD president start depending on your age, school certificate and religion? Which of these can fight insecurity? — Miss Zahra (APC) (@Zahra_Buhari) January 28, 2015 If school certificate defines a good president, don’t you think GEJ’s PhD certificate ought to have fought insecurity & corruption. — Miss Zahra (APC) (@Zahra_Buhari) January 28, 2015 Good Morning Buharians. #DeliverYourStreet for #CHANGE RT — Miss Zahra (APC) (@Zahra_Buhari) January 28, 2015


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