I Am Moving To Nigeria – American Born Nigerian Rapper Wale

We post something earlier about America-Born Nigeria Rapper Wale Folarin about moving to
Nigeria, But I really think Wale is not taking the issue of moving to nigeria a small thing o, the guy keep saying it out loud to all his fans and friends, he even claim he now own a house in Ondo and even joke about sending 30 kids there. Check out another tweet he tweeted

I have a house on Ondo tho RT @Beck_ley: Bruh, you no fit. I quadruple dare you! “@Wale: Im movin to nigeria man…”
— Wale Folarin  (@Wale) February 19, 2015

Yeah we do shoe drives yearly AND I just sent 30 some kids to Ondo State  RT @flatbu_svp_0o0: @Wale does that … http://t.co/v6anHaZUiL

— Wale Folarin  (@Wale) February 20, 2015


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