Governor Ayodele Fayose Started Sewing Police Uniforms For Thugs !!

The APC in Ekiti State has reveal another plan by the state Governor (Ayodele Fayose), for another
rigging plan towards March 28, 2015 election.

A statement by Publicity Secretary, Taiwo Olatubosun, said the party had discovered that the governor’s plot to use trumped-up charges to incarcerate the leaders to take them out of circulation in order to cripple the party’s mobilization efforts for victory.
He said to achieve the plan, thugs in police uniforms would be unleashed on the opposition to cripple mobilization of voters and create fears in the minds of APC members to enable PDP have a field day during the elections.

“After it became clear that soldiers would not be allowed to be deployed for the polls, PDP leaders in Ekiti State have opted for the police. They have discovered that the fake army uniforms they sewed would be useless and they have started sewing police uniforms for their operation,” Olatubosun explained.
He added that the young men in six 18-seater buses imported into the state at night about three weeks ago with military uniforms in their luggage were still the same personnel PDP wanted to use for the operation, including invading the polling booths to destroy results not favourable to PDP.

Reminding the governor that he does not have
monopoly of violence, the APC spokesman said party members would use all legal means, including civil actions, to defend their votes against any invaders on election day.
“We want to send a strong warning to Fayose that it is not going to be business as usual this time around. He did his worst during the last governorship election when the Nigerian Army personnel deployed to Ekiti State helped him to supervise election rigging. Details of the criminal conspiracy are being heard around the world over that despicable act. We have learnt our lessons and he should be told that APC members are prepared for the worst of his plans.

“We will never get ourselves involved in criminalities but we will defend our votes by all means legal and civil.
Let Fayose know that as he is planning for his rigging, we are also planning to defend our votes. If he believes he can’t survive without bending the law, we will show him that upholding the law by defending our votes remains the only way to make democracy work,” Olatubosun said.

He urged the police authorities not to be compromised, saying that siding with a party in political contest was a recipe for the break down of law and order.
“The filthy activities of the Nigerian Army in the last election have incensed Nigerians to take their fates in their own hands on matters of electoral contests. If anybody feels he can use the police to manipulate these elections, that person should be prepared to confront the anger of the masses.

“We therefore warn the governor against any plan to rob Ekiti people at the polls. We call on the security agencies to rein in the governor against any nefarious activities while we call on our members to be vigilant and be ready to defend their votes during election.
“We also say in clear terms that APC members will resist illegal arrests being planned by PDP leaders. Ekiti State is not a jungle for all illegal plans by PDP. For the first time since Fayose has been riding rough-shod on the APC members and Ekiti people in general, our people armed with the law of Nigeria will vehemently resist any plan to constrict their voting right to elect leaders of their choice,” Olatubosun said.


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