GMB Reacts To Current Fuel Scarcity| See Tweet

The fuel scarcity that has hit several states in Nigeria has caused a lot of reactions in the past few weeks

Presidential aspirant, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (GMB) has also reacted to the fuel scarcity. He used his official twitter account to say a few things on the issue.
See Tweet below:

We must reject a system that has turned one of world’s largest crude exporters into an importer of petrol. Things must change. – GMB
— Muhammadu Buhari (@ThisIsBuhari) March 2, 2015

But over the last several years our refineries have declined, and we are at the mercy of imports.
— Muhammadu Buhari (@ThisIsBuhari) March 2, 2015

In my time as NNPC chairman and Petroleum Minister in the late 70s, 2 of our 4 refineries were built, and domestic consumption catered for.
— Muhammadu Buhari (@ThisIsBuhari) March 2, 2015

The countless man hours that will be spent at petrol stations today, will reduce our productivity as a nation.This should not be so. – GMB
— Muhammadu Buhari (@ThisIsBuhari) March 2, 2015


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