6 signs you are a lazy lover in bed

Ever wonder if you are a lazy lover? How do you know you
know if you should be putting in more effort in your sex life?
Julia Austin of Madame Noire lists the signs that indicate you
are a lazy lover:

1. Do you ask, “Can we have sex?”: Once in a blue moon, asking this straightforward question is hot in an aggressive way. But if this is how sex usually starts, you’re just trying to skip the seduction, and that’s lazy!

2. Do you wait for your partner to start foreplay?: You have to initiate the actual, like, sex sometimes. Just adding tongue to the make out does not count as starting

3.Do you get on top at all?: Oh no…do you just lay flat and let him do all the work?

4. Do you buy lube?: Edible, flavored, non-edible, glow in the dark—whatever, just buy some. It shows that you care about everybody’s pleasure and think in advance about these things.

5. Do you make him put on the condom: He might be better at it than you are, so you don’t need to put it on every time, but sometimes it would be nice if you helped out.

6. Do you have more than three positions?: You don’t need to try a new one every time but…if you’ve been together for a while and you only have three positions, somebody needs to speak up. Maybe that somebody is you.

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